Converge Engineering Services

Converge Engineering is the heart of the company and has been structured to be flexible and responsive by design.  The group is staffed  with a diversified set of engineers experienced in product design and development across multiple industries and consumer segments.

The group’s primary focus is electro-mechanical integrated systems and systems of systems directed to aerospace, defense, automotive, manufacturing and medical devices. 

CORE Engineering Services

Product Ideation


 Concept to product on paper through lean-canvas; BOM Build-ups; Supply Chain Analysis;  Design to Manufacture Methodologies 

Industrial Design


 Component and System Level Modeling; Solidworks, Keyshot, Adobe Suites, Motion Capture;  Sketching and Conceptualization; Form, Fit, Function, Feasibility Analysis 

Electrical Design


 Component Level Design; PCB Layout; Assembly and Test;  System Modeling; Hardware Testing; Micro-Controllers; Integrated Systems; Automation; Robotics 

Mechanical Design


 2D and 3D Modeling;  Process and Product Design; Discreet Finite Analysis; Trade-Off Analysis; Shaping, Molding; Printing, Bending, Joining of Materials; 

Physical Testing

Software/Firmware Design


 Applications; Apps; Embedded Development; Custom Communication Stack Development; IoT; Boot Loaders; Custom Testing Software; Automation; Automated Hardware Testing 

Developmental Prototyping


 Prototype development  from functional component through launch ready functional beta product.  Testing services to pre-qualify systems for standardized UL, FCC, MIL-STD or other certifying tests. 


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