Converge Ventures


Converge Technologies has developed a revolutionary founder based start-up model which has been vetted over five years.  Converge Ventures is currently being capitalized to with the goal of launching 10 high-tech start-ups before 2022.  

Utilizing our proprietary methodology, Converge Venture start-ups will launch each company with investor equity at founder levels, higher than average valuations, and fully vetted market and manufacturing analysis completed.  Bringing innovation and technology to market efficiently is what we do and we do it very well!


The Converge Start-Up Model

Market Driven - Innovative Solutions

The converge start-up model is driven by the voice of the customer.   The market defines the needs and the value of the solutions we launch to meet those needs.   The interaction with our industrial or consumer customer defines the intellectual property identified to address their most pressing and costly challenges.    Market validated needs are funneled into our proprietary founder model and rigorous in-house engineering design, analysis and development is undertaken to ensure our start-ups launch with a market ready product with customers pre-engaged in the process.

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If you are a university or federal laboratory technology transfer professional or industry partner seeking innovative solutions to address your value challenges, please contact us below to find out more about our Ventures program.